The Nintendo Switch release for Dark Souls Remastered has been pushed back to summer 2018, Bandai Namco Games have confirmed.

Bandai Namco did not provide an explicit reason behind the delay, however, they did state: “The new release timing gives the development team the time needed to make sure Nintendo Switch players can fully appreciate the true DARK SOULS experience anytime and anywhere, thanks to the unique portable nature of the Nintendo Switch console.”

The 25th May 2018 PS4, Xbox One and PC release date remains the same. This could indicate that the delay is for Bandai Namco to spend more time optimising Dark Souls Remastered for the Nintendo Switch, which seems plausible, given Switch isn’t as powerful as the PS4 or Xbox One.

This is all the more disheartening for Nintendo Switch owners as the release date for the Solaire of Astora Amiibo – which sold out not long after it was announced –  has also been delayed.

Dark Souls Remastered Nintendo Switch is set to deliver 30fps gameplay compared to 6ofps on Xbox One and PS4 versions. It will also run at 1080p when docked and 720p in handheld mode.

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