Dylan Adams

With all the hype from Avengers: Infinity War coming out, what better time to drop some news about the upcoming Spider-Man game? Insomniac Games and Marvel announced that if you pre-order the PS4 title, that you will receive the Iron Spider suit from Infinity War to try out in-game.

This is the fifth suit that Insomniac has announced for the game, along with the Classic suit, Noir suit, Spider-Punk suit, and Homemade suit from the Homecoming movie from last year. They have also said that the three DLC packs will have a new suit associated with each of them as well.

James Stevenson, community director with Insomniac, recently said on the PlayStation Blog that, “Most suits will also feature a special suit power that you can use in-game. These powers let you do amazing things. While we aren’t quite ready to show them just yet, I did want to mention a couple examples. The Spider-Punk suit lets you rock out with a guitar, doing an AoE attack that’ll knock enemies off their feet. And the Iron Spider has a suit power that… well, you’ll know it when you see it happen in Marvel Studios’ Avengers: Infinity War.” If you’re a fan of the comics and haven’t been fortunate enough to see the movie yet, then you can probably guess this means those sweet metal arms that come out in combat are more than likely what James is referring to as a special.

The cooperation between Marvel and Insomniac to make things like this happen is why the fans stay so loyal. On top of that Insomniac said there will be no micro-transactions in the game which is probably a smart move considering how much bad press the business model has received lately.

Spider-Man is due to release exclusively on PS4, September 7th of this year.

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