Who are we

The Game Slate is a website dedicated to videogames, how they fit into society and, generally, how they affect us as individuals.

Cool. What do you want?

We’re looking for a select few to contribute some thought-provoking opinion-pieces and well-informed reviews and timely news pieces.

We currently don’t get review code but you are more than welcome to review whatever you fancy, as long as it has not been previously covered.

We’ll also accept lists but they have to be both engaging, well-humoured and structured in their arguments. We’re not in the business of click-bait.

Is this the bit where you’re gonna say, “we can’t pay you but…?”

Well, we can pay but the rate is nowhere near what a big site like IGN or Kotaku would pay. Basically, we can offer £1.00/ $1.00 per 300 views and we will only pay for work that we end up publishing on the site. We do not pay for submissions of completed articles that are not published. We pay for the culmination of views each week over all articles you send us. So, for example, you submit 4 articles and they gain 1,200 views altogether, you get £4.00 or $4.00. We will also pay you for views on your articles for the entirety of the time they are on the site, however, most articles only have a ‘life cycle’ of a few days. We will send you proof of statistics when confirming payments to you.

We know £1.00/ $1.00 per 300 views isn’t a great deal – we get that – but a lot of larger sites don’t want to pay you at all. By no means is that us saying you should suck it up and accept what we’re offering. We are just trying to value your work and this is the best we can afford at this stage.

Ok, how do I get involved?

Apply using the contact us form. Tell us a bit about yourself, what type of games you like, which publications you read, etc. Also, if you have previously published work then send a link or two. If not, you can send a 500 word sample article about any current trend that interests you in the video game industry. If you are accepted as a contributor, we will provide more information about the pitch format and our expectations. We’re pretty lax though, so don’t think this is going to be a boss and employee type situation. You will be a contributor, which is far more valuable to us, in our opinion.